Manage Equity & Performance Incentives

Increase revenue by connecting clinicians' work to their worth.

Operationalize cap tables or performance programs by clearly aligning incentives with clinicians.

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Scale your practice without the headaches

Recruit and retain your most important asset... your people.

One-Click Distributions

Leverage Your Cap Table

Connect Work to Worth

Allocate Funds with Peace of Mind

Pulse Equity ingests all legal and Excel documents, eliminating manual processes and human error

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What our customers have to say

We had a clinician say they were going to leave because they received a 10% ownership stake in another company and we only offered 3.5%. We never made it very clear how our ownership worked. So what they didn’t understand is their new offer would be $150,000 less per year. With Pulse we never have had to worry about this issue again.

Cameron W. CEO, Pulse Equity Pilot Partner

It takes us on average 24 months to get a clinician up to $1M in billing and 6 months to replace clinicians that leave. Keeping just one clinician makes this worth it 30x over.

Brooklyn S. CEO, Pulse Equity Pilot Partner

End to End Equity Management

Pulse Equity empowers your business to capitalize on equity and incentive programs, not just manage them.

Increase Retention

Complex equity and incentive programs can make it hard for clinicians to understand how their work relates back to their personal worth. We take the complex and make it simple to positively impact every practice.​​

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